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Koval Evgeniy — blogger, man-photographer, member of the Ukraine delegation to the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 and ex-manager by Ukrainian singer — Svetlana Loboda. Co-producer by ballet dancer of Anastasia Volochkova on a Far East Tour.

Evgeniy Koval was born on November, in Vladivostok, Russia. He has ukranian-german origins. In the early childhood the boy dreamed to be on a stage, and that’s why during his studies at school he sang in choir, and then solo, in order to represent his school name in different competitions and eventually wins first places. At the age of seven Evgeniy was followed by mass-media and even now he still under the cameras main targets. Today Evgeniy is a great stayer, smart, and single-minded young man, who during his short, but yet successful life gained a lot of experience.

Koval is an ex-manager of famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda. He broadcasted her video clips on Russian television. In 2009 became a member of Ukrainian delegation on worldwide known show Eurovision. His acquaintance with Svetlana Loboda happened due to singer’s ex-manager Mikhail Yasinskiy, and later with his good friend and singer’s ex-producer Alexander Shirkov. Alexander Shirkov is a type of a man, meeting who can be results that your life will be changed forever. And Evgeniy was the lucky one. Even now these two are still closest friends and partners.

Working with Svetlana Loboda, Evgeniy was always in her shadow, as manager’s duties should remain this way. But after the Eurovision show in 2009 the unexpected struggle took place, after which Evgeniy decided to leave the project LOBODA, and releases all the aspects of departing with the singer in mass-media. That produced a big sensation in the world of show business.

In the end, as Evgeniy has been already greatly popular in Vladivostok, after the scandal he became even more popular in Russia, and especially in Ukraine.

Today, Evgeniy travels a lot and writes posts about the urban-infrastructures in his blog.

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